Ancient and modern art gallery in Bergamo since 1967

Founded in Bergamo in 1967 by the artist Vittorio Bellini, Galleria Michelangelo deals with artworks from the ancient and modern period, from XVI to XX century, with particular focus on the historical avant-gardes, from Post-Impressionism to the second École de Paris. The gallery, directed by Raffaella Bellini, focuses on consolidated artists, from the national and international scene, and offers dedicated services for individuals and public institutions. With more than 50 years of activity, the gallery has organised many exhibitions and published several catalogs and volumes.

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21 October-15 November 2022 Itineraries. Journey into the abstract art of the 50s-70s
Jorge Piqueras (1925-2020), Senza titolo, Procchio 1957
20 maggio - 2 luglio 2022 : Vittorio Bellini Inaspettatamente Pop - Dipinti 1972-1973 
Vittorio Bellini Inaspettatamente Pop - Dipinti 1972-1973
Marcel Burtin An Ode to Colour - Works 1935-1973

Arte e Figura nel Nuovo Espressionismo, dipinti anni '50 - '80
Arte e Figura nel Nuovo Espressionismo, dipinti anni '50 - '80
Raffaella e Douglas Swan | Arte e Figura nel Nuovo Espressionismo, dipinti anni '50 - '80
3 febbraio - 5 marzo: Arte e Figura nel Nuovo Espressionismo, dipinti anni '50 - '80
Maestri dell'Arte Italiana del Novecento - Dipinti e Sculture
We ship worldwide: We personally take care of every step of the shipment, from the packaging of the artwork to the insurance. Galleria Michelangelo uses specialised courier companies to transport the works and is able to deliver everywhere in the world.
La galleria nell’ambito della sua attività si occupa della vendita di singole opere e collezioni di proprietà altrui con la massima discrezione e riservatezza.
Pittura figurativa internazionale
Guido Strazza (1922) Metamorfosi gialla, 1960, cm 81 x 65
I labirinti urbani di Natalia Dumitresco. L’Ecole de Paris negli anni ’60 '70 (9 dicembre 2020 - 30 gennaio 2021)

Mostre recenti: Il magico potere delle forme nell’arte peruviana - Jorge Eielson, Jorge Piqueras, Emilio Rodriguez-Larrain, opere dal 1950 al 1970 (17 gennaio - 27 febbraio 2020)
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1968 ca. foto d'archivio, galleria michelangelo
1970 ca. Bea e Lucio Fontana, Concetto spaziale (uovo), galleria michelangelo
1970 ca. foto d'archivio, galleria michelangelo
1972 mostra personale di Emilio Scanavino, galleria michelangelo
1972 mostra personale di Giulio Turcato, galleria michelangelo
1972 mostra personale di Roberto Crippa, galleria michelangelo
1972 mostra personale di Roberto Crippa, galleria michelangelo
1972 mostra personale di Roberto Crippa, galleria michelangelo
1973 mostra personale di Salvador Presta, galleria michelangelo
1974 mostra personale di Carmelo Cappello, galleria michelangelo
1974 mostra personale di Carmelo Cappello, galleria michelangelo
1974 mostra personale di Felice Filippini, galleria michelangelo
1975 mostra personale di Fritz Baumgartner, galleria michelangelo
1975 mostra personale di Gualtiero Nativi, galleria michelangelo
1978 mostra personale di Pompeo Borra, galleria michelangelo
2002 Vittorio e Raffaella Bellini, mostra personale di Emile Bernard, galleria michelangelo

The Galleria Michelangelo

Galleria Michelangelo was founded in 1967, in the ancient suburb of Saint Alessandro  in Bergamo , by the artist Vittorio Bellini  and his wife Margherita.  Having always been passionate about art , they decided to display artwork  ranging from ancient  to contemporary .

In 1975 Galleria Michelangelo moved to a bigger location in via A. Locatelli. Approximately 10 years later the three daughters, Manuela, Raffaella and Beatrice, who grew up with the same passion and sensibility for art as their father, decided to work alongside their parents in the gallery, which has now expanded and requires new resources.

Vittorio Bellini’s frequent travels within Italy and abroad, enabled him collect and study important antique paintings, as well as to meet artists and art critics.

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Our artists

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Vittorio Bellini

After his studies at Accademia Carrara in Bergamo, he takes part in painting contests, getting early accolades (in 1974 Bellini win one of the most pr...

Bellorio (pseudonimo di Vittorio Bellini)

Partendo da una matrice figurativa, verso la fine degli anni ‘60 Bellini si avvicina al movimento della Nuova Figurazione caratterizzato da una pittur...

Marcel Burtin

Nel 1956 espone con Picasso e Fernand Leger in Messico.Burtin espone inoltre al Salon de Mai dal 1958, anno della fondazione.L’artista continua la sua...

Bernard Damiano

“Le Monde” and “Le Figaro” wrote about him but critical acclaim awaited him in Milan in 1989 where he was noticed by Giovanni Testori. The great art c...

Édouard Pignon

In 1984 at the Picasso Museum in Antibes he exhibits all the works of the series dedicated to the great master and friend, entitled "Le rendez-Vous d’...

Douglas Swan

Durante la permanenza a Milano, l’artista entra in contatto con la vibrante scena di arte contemporanea, all’epoca guidata da Lucio Fontana, Roberto C...

Exhibitions and Events


ITINERARIES. Journey into the abstract art of the 50s-70s

Dal 21-10-2022 to 15-11-2022
The exhibition that Galleria Michelangelo proposes for the month of October focuses on the thought and sensitivities of some artists who represent their own vision of reality through expressiveness and with different stylistic languages.In particular, the exhibition aims to retrace some salient and heterogeneous phases of the abstract artistic path of the last century, using works by international...

Vittorio Bellini Unexpectedly Pop

Paintings 1972-1973
Dal 20-05-2022 to 02-07-2022
The works on display at Galleria Michelangelo will surprise the visitor discovering an unreleased side of the artist Vittorio Bellini (Vertova, Bg. 1936 – Bergamo 2009).His debut goes back to 1960. A striking and eclectic personality emerges from his very first works, curiosity combined with Bellini’s inclination to innovate lead him to experiment with and juxtapose different art movements. Starti...

Marcel Burtin - An ode to colour

Works 1935 - 1973 - Solo exhibition
Dal 22-03-2022 to 16-04-2022
MARCEL BURTIN - An ode to colourWorks 1935 - 1973The exhibition organised by Galleria Michelangelo in honour of the artist Marcel Burtin (Gafsa, Tunisia, 1902, Boulogne-Billancourt, 1979), is a real ode to colours.On display there are large, abstract, dynamic and colourful artworks; pieces in which the artist expresses his joy for painting, in front of which, one cannot remain unmoved.The artist p...

Arte e Figura nel Nuovo Espressionismo

Dipinti anni '50 - '80
Dal 03-02-2022 to 05-03-2022
ARTE E FIGURA NEL NUOVO ESPRESSIONISMODIPINTI ANNI ’50 – ‘80Nato dalla volontà di imprimere sulla tela un’esperienza emozionale e profonda, l’Espressionismo si sviluppa in Europa nei primi anni del secolo per poi approdare negli Stati Uniti. Le radici del movimento sono da ricondursi al rifiuto della brutalità di un momento storico macchiato di conflitti e disagio sociale che è oramai dilagato in...

Our services for private customers and public institutions

The Galleria Michelangelo offers its services to both private customers and public institutions. Because of a professional competence with more than 50 years of experience in the artistic field, the gallery provides advice and assistance to customers, such as: evaluation of artwork, sales account, assistance with restoration, export of the works, assistance with certificate of authenticity, worldwide shipping.

Our services


The gallery is open from Tuesday to Saturday: 9.30 to 12.30 am - 4 to 7 pm, Sunday and Monday only by appointment. For every information or request you can contact us via call or sending an e-mail.

Via Broseta 15, 24122 Bergamo (BG)
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In order to guarantee and respect everyone's health, reservations are always recommended to visit to the gallery. Every room of the gallery is constantly sanitized and thermoscan and gel sanitizer are provided. For groups of 6 or more, reservation is mandatory in compliance with the Covid-19 regulations.

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